• High stability and repeatability
  • All stainless steel housing
  • Resistant to high voltage surges
  • 4-20mA two-wire output
  • Zero + span adjustment on-site
  • Ranges 0-10mWG to 0-500mWG (0-33ftH2O to 0-1,640ftH2O)
  • Pressure tight cable sheath for trouble-free venting
  • *Intrinsically safe option. Flammable gases (zone 0)
    and dusts (zone 20)
  • Ø 22mm (0.9″)


The PR3440 submersible depth and level transmitter has been designed for the accurate measurement of the depth and level of fluids. Standard version has output signal of 4-20mA, two wire. Options include; outputs of 0- 5Vdc and 0-10Vdc, remote amplifier for surface adjustment of zero and span.

For submersion in aggressive or corrosive liquids the PR3440 is available in specialist materials such as Inconel 625, Hastalloy C, titanium and plastic. The standard depth transmitter is fitted with a stainless steel nose cone to prevent sludge build-up. The nose cone connection may be replaced by a variety of threaded process connections common in sub-sea requirements.


Standard applications include reservoir and borehole level monitoring, water mains pressure metering, power level and outlet pressure on submersible pumps. Other available options include high 12pressure and hydraulic sub-sea applications.


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