Temperature Transducer DF6156-SS

Resistive Temperature Transducer to DWG 12596270 Performance:

  • Temperature transducer with resistive output signal
  • Resistive Temperature Device (RTD) sensor
  • Robust design for operation in challenging engine applications
  • All welded stainless steel housing
  • Hermetic MIL connector with stainless steel shell
  • Process connection 1/4” NPT male
  • Resistant to high shock and vibration and harsh conditions
  • All manufacturing in accordance with ISO 9001:2015
  • Cage Code 0TSK1


ESI Part Number Part Number NSN Range
DF6156-SS 12596270 N/A 0-300 deg F



The DF6156-SS (all stainless steel) temperature transducer/transmitter has been designed and manufactured to meet the exacting needs of military standards and provide outstanding reliability and service harsh environments found in the field. ESI has a proven track record for quality and workmanship, and a long history of supply to demanding defense applications.

The transducers incorporate a Resistive Temperature Device (RTD) giving a resistive output proportionate to temperature, and are constructed using materials which strictly conform to the requirements outlined in MIL drawings and specifications offering outstanding environmental protection when exposed to harsh physical conditions. The units are designed to withstand steam and water jet spraying for in-position cleaning and features a welded hermetically sealed electrical connector.

All units conform to the technical and physical standards outlined in the specification including accuracy, shock, vibration, humidity, high temperature, endurance, environmental protection, corrosion, and overpressure ensuring long service life in the field.

Our products are ensured to fit for purpose by employing 100% final inspection testing protocol and by adhering to workmanship according to the relevant MIL standards. Products are checked for conformity and supplied with relevant certification as standard.

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